Don't freak out.

Doing a little experiment on traffic and whatnot.

Now, if your preference is SET, then you won't see a difference. Basically, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. If you have NOT made a default theme selection, then you might see a difference.

Want or need to make your theme preference permanent? Here ya go:

If you want to make a choice on what color scheme/theme is displayed to you, despite what messing about I may do, go to My Profile (in the upper right), look for My Settings in the left hand column and the sub-section General Settings. Click that and scroll down until you see Miscellaneous Options and the drop down menu next to Forum Skin. Make your choice from any of the ones you see there, but keep in mind that at this point, we are only testing new features in the TF_Ideal grouping and won't be 'supporting' any of the other themes from here on out. Scroll to the bottom and be sure to click Save Changes! Done.