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    Default Twister II dash plaque

    I did made "promise" to Twister II owners that I will repos the dash plaque off from my original plaque to put on your dashes. It took me more than month to repos them. I found place that can engraving the plaque, they did engraving on like 6 sample plaques, Im not satisfied with it, I had bought the program and download on my computer and redesign new logo then send it back to engraving place, they just done one sample plaque, they looks awesome and very close like original but still need few change which Im working on it right now. I wanted to repos the plaque like original one. I need to know how many Twister owners on the board in here would like to order the plaque for their Twisters.

    I did talked with Terry Fritts the Twister registry before he passed away. I asked him if he have any dash plaque for sale, he said he never have enough order to make them but they cost 75 to 100 dollars. I don't want to charge you that much, I will do for 40 dollars shipped.

    Let me know if any Twister owners would like to order the plaque, so I can have them repos more plaques. Thanks!
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