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I am not sure how much information you can really gain with some stationary fans, unless they are some really big and powerful fans. You can definitely give it a try, but I wouldn't put too much stock in any information you learn. I would use it as advisory or limited at best.
That's all I was suggesting for the fan use. I was giving an idea on how to get some air flowing over the car so he could see what might be happening.

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...Granted, this method is by no means accurate for high-speed wind-tunnel testing, but it will give you an idea of what the flow patterns might look like.
That's why I made this statement.

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I would also recommend that rather than using the baby powder, I would recommend using small pieces of string or very light weight plastic tape (either of them brightly colored), cut pieces around 2-3 inches in length and then tape them down to the areas of the body that you want to check. Turn the fans on and watch the airflow by how the strings/tapes are moving. This allows you to view for a much longer time and even take pictures of the areas if you want...
The string/tape idea sounds good, too. I use the baby powder in a bottle method when hunting and saw another use for it.