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    Default 86 gt supercar build page (can't find a catchy name, so its a horse with no name)

    Welcome to the build page for my budget homebuilt Mustang supercar. Most of the people I have encountered have the same set of questions so I'd like to get them out of the way first. Top question... why? I have been doing Mustangs for decades and have had a few of them grace the pages of various publications, somehow it never seemed to scratch that itch. I always felt I could do better. I wanted to do something no one has done before and have it perform like no other production "based" Mustang. As I thought and remembered how tough it is to get traction and handle as well as going really fast, I thought the basic body was literally the only thing I could retain. Even the body will need modification to work well in the air at extreme high speed. I love these cars but lets face it, they are sort of bricks in the wind! Next question always fielded is what do I intend to do with it? The bucket list for this car is #1 SEMA, that event should really kick things off for her and I believe she will fit there. From there I hope to enter her in the Silver State Classic, a 90 mile no speed limit road rally that looks like a ton of fun. Next we want to go for the street legal class record at Texas Mile. Last checked it was around 265mph. Why not!!!
    It will then be used for track days at various road courses. I would like to be in competition but where could it be placed?
    So here is the outline of how I saw this happening, an ingredients list if you will.
    1- 86 t-top lx 5.0 car
    2- rear suspension from an 06 Z06 (purists relax, I would have like to use Ford GT components but 1 control arm =$1500) I'm poor!!
    3- front suspension from 06 base model C6 (read above!! base model because I wanted to upgrade brake system from there)
    4- Afco M2 coil over shocks
    5- 2002 GT dashboard ( because its obdII compatible and I think they look great)
    6- 5.0 Coyote engine (originally was going to be a 4.6 dohc but the Coyote is 2'' shorter end to end and I believe a better platform from which to grow)
    7- Porsche G50 gearbox (because of the available support and it comes in 5 or 6 speed versions. There are companies that make beefed up components to handle the torque)
    8- Custom engineered and fabricated frame to accommodate suspension and powertrain
    Spend countless hours making all these things work together and whalaa!!! you have a Mustang that will do things it never thought about doing!!
    Here are a few pics of where it came from and where it is today. I'll give a brief description on each.
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    This is how she looked as given to me by a guy named Bobby. His buddy was storing the car and what a day that was picking her up. Drunk angry guy in the back woods of Milford De, I'm there with my whole family at the end of a beach weekend, and the guy is freaking out cause I'm there. An hour later he comes out of the woods with my baby!!! My wife looks at me and goes your INSANE, I've been here for an hour waiting for this!! She's a diamond in the rough!! real rough!
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