Winning submissions will receive one free standard sized calendar.

First, the basics...


  • Minimum size: 3375 pixels wide, 2625 pixels tall. Images that are incredibly close to these dimensions MAY be acceptable.
  • Cars must be in-focus, crisp when viewed at actual size.
  • Up to SIX pictures can be submitted by a member.
  • No people in the image. Exceptions granted for motion/action shots where the driver can be seen.
  • Maximum of 5 cars per image. Must have permission from all car owners. *
  • Do not submit cars that are not yours (unless it's a group shot including your vehicle).
  • Do not submit images you did not take without explicit permission from the photographer.**


  • First and last name of vehicle owner(s).
  • username of vehicle owner(s).
  • Year, make, model and trim level of vehicle(s).
  • Photographer name if applicable.


  • Send submissions to as attachments.
  • NO links to images (Photobucket, online albums) accepted. Do not embed the image in the email. Use the paperclip/attachment feature in your email.

DEADLINE: October 1, 2014

Other very important fine print:

*Pics of your buddy's car with yours is okay so long as you have permission and have disclosed that the image might wind up in a calendar for sale on this site, benefiting this site.

**Photographers own the rights to images, first and foremost. You can only send in pictures that you or your friend has taken, or those that were taken by someone who clearly let you know that you could do whatever you wished with those images. Images that have appeared in magazines, or that have someone else's watermark/name on them CANNOT be used.

By submitting images for calendar consideration, you instantly agree to the following: You give your permission for your car's image to be used in a calendar that will be sold by for its own profit. Profits from this calendar go in to the fund to pay for hosting, domain registration, software, etc. If you are submitting group pictures, all owners of the vehicles involved have given their permission for the above described use.

While you are on your own to take shots of your cars, we have a great thread here on how to get nice images of your cars. Please post all technical/image related questions in that thread.