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    Hmmm, go to and check order in upper right corner? (What a miserable website!)

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    Well I have an order number and the item is paid for. I am hoping that someone somewhere had this item on their shelf and I bought it. Next will be the actual fuel tank which amazingly is still available on summit!

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    Btw followed the link in your posts to your fairmont build...very nice! Should be an awesome 4 banger!

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    For what it's worth; the sender being similar to the Mustang senders of similar age--and since the top plate is similar on several Ford models--there is an option still; a bit of work but it should work with tinkering.
    The lock ring is the same as the Thunderbirds (fuel injected) from 83-97, F150 (fuel injected) from 85-97 and a whole host of other Fords; but those two are probably the easiest to find.
    So get a fuel pump assembly from one of those. If you're lucky, the gauge sender will work for you. If not, buy one from a Mustang of the same year as your dash (10-73 ohm, as described elsewhere, for most of our cars, etc etc) or the one that would have been original to your car "if available".
    You'll need to mount that sender to the plate just the same as you'll be hacking up and fitting the fuel pump as described in other threads.
    You'll need to adjust the float so it swings freely from top to bottom to show the tank level.
    You'll need to adjust the outlet pipes so they clear the stuff on the tank (so you can attach your fuel lines).

    It's not "plug and play" but it shouldn't be all that hard, and considering the hacking we're doing with a high pressure pump even if we get the part we really wanted, it's really not all that much more work for a basically new fuel pump and sender assembly.

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    Yeah. They cancelled and refunded me today. I will just repair the one I have.

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    Did you guys think of trying another brand? haha
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    Airtex still has about 10 or so of the E2145S sending units in stock. They recommend ordering it through Napa. I ordered one on Wednesday and picked it up today.

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