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    Default one more RHD ( in Germany ) : 1982 Mustang GLX

    I bought my 1982 Mustang RHD in 2008 with an Ebay auction. the transport to Germany was very easy :
    - transfer by car to the next airport
    - flight from Germany to Great Britain / Lodon
    - rent a car ( RHD version )
    - driving 200 km ( on the left side of the road ! ) to Bristol
    - put the german licence plates on the Mustang
    - driving back to Dover
    - take a ferry to Nederland
    - drinving 500 km to my city
    this tour takes exactly 24,5 hours and the Mustang droves fantastic. the only thing that was out of order was the brake - booster.

    here are the original prictures :

    some pictures on the english road ( on left side ! ) :

    and also some pictures on the ferry :

    this year, I started the restauration. what I`ve done yet :
    - changing the defect brake-booster into a bigger one of a 1987-1993 Mustang GT
    - changing the wheels into original FORD 14" wheels with original hubcaps
    - changing the original steering-wheel into a wooden-steering-wheel ( in the same color as the panel )
    - changing the hood ( with the Mercury Capri RS scoop ) into an original hood with no scoop
    - changing both doors into 1979 Mustang doors ( with the manual door-opener downstairs because I do not like the imitation-lether-door-trim. I like more the plastik door-trims, which was only built for the 1979 Mustangs )
    - changing the inside roof panel into a newer one ( from a 1988 Mustang )

    work planned :
    - paint the changed hood and the 2 doors into original color " silver " or complete in " british-racing-green "
    - paint the underground / under the moldings into mat-black ( same as the Mustang-III Cobras )
    - changing the old shocks into adjustable KONI red shocks ( from Mustang SVO )
    - changing parts of the front axle into 1987-1993 parts and install big Lincoln brakes on the front axle
    - changing the original muffler into a Flowmaster muffler
    - change parts of the front axle into 1987-1993 Mustang GT parts and install Lincoln Mk VII brakes at the front axle
    - change the old shocks into adjustable KONI red shocks ( from Mustang SVO )
    - install lowering springs
    - change the original muffler into a Flowmaster-muffler
    - perhaps install a Mustang LX ( 1987-1993 ) or a Mustang SVO wing ( only an idea, but I`m not sure )
    - installing another wheels, but I`m not sure what kind ( I tried so much on my Mustangs, but I do not know, what I shall install on this RHD. I`ll waiting, till the other works are finished and look than ..... )
    - ?????????

    but I know ( 100% ), that I let the original RHD-typical parts, f.e. :
    - tail-lights
    - parking-lights ( front )
    - mirrors

    restauration is still ongoing now .....

    I know, that only 1 RHD Mustang is 4-sale in UK ..... since years ( you can find this car at Ebay / UK, but the price ist too high : 7.500 engl. pounds = 12.800 $ ). I paind only ( very-very-very less than this ).

    here are some pictures of the brother-car of mine ( this, was is 4-sale now ) :


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