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    Default one more RHD ( in Germany ) : 1982 Mustang GLX

    I bought my 1982 Mustang RHD in 2008 with an Ebay auction. the transport to Germany was very easy :
    - transfer by car to the next airport
    - flight from Germany to Great Britain / Lodon
    - rent a car ( RHD version )
    - driving 200 km ( on the left side of the road ! ) to Bristol
    - put the german licence plates on the Mustang
    - driving back to Dover
    - take a ferry to Nederland
    - drinving 500 km to my city
    this tour takes exactly 24,5 hours and the Mustang droves fantastic. the only thing that was out of order was the brake - booster.

    here are the original prictures :

    some pictures on the english road ( on left side ! ) :

    and also some pictures on the ferry :

    this year, I started the restauration. what I`ve done yet :
    - changing the defect brake-booster into a bigger one of a 1987-1993 Mustang GT
    - changing the wheels into original FORD 14" wheels with original hubcaps
    - changing the original steering-wheel into a wooden-steering-wheel ( in the same color as the panel )
    - changing the hood ( with the Mercury Capri RS scoop ) into an original hood with no scoop
    - changing both doors into 1979 Mustang doors ( with the manual door-opener downstairs because I do not like the imitation-lether-door-trim. I like more the plastik door-trims, which was only built for the 1979 Mustangs )
    - changing the inside roof panel into a newer one ( from a 1988 Mustang )

    work planned :
    - paint the changed hood and the 2 doors into original color " silver " or complete in " british-racing-green "
    - paint the underground / under the moldings into mat-black ( same as the Mustang-III Cobras )
    - changing the old shocks into adjustable KONI red shocks ( from Mustang SVO )
    - changing parts of the front axle into 1987-1993 parts and install big Lincoln brakes on the front axle
    - changing the original muffler into a Flowmaster muffler
    - change parts of the front axle into 1987-1993 Mustang GT parts and install Lincoln Mk VII brakes at the front axle
    - change the old shocks into adjustable KONI red shocks ( from Mustang SVO )
    - install lowering springs
    - change the original muffler into a Flowmaster-muffler
    - perhaps install a Mustang LX ( 1987-1993 ) or a Mustang SVO wing ( only an idea, but I`m not sure )
    - installing another wheels, but I`m not sure what kind ( I tried so much on my Mustangs, but I do not know, what I shall install on this RHD. I`ll waiting, till the other works are finished and look than ..... )
    - ?????????

    but I know ( 100% ), that I let the original RHD-typical parts, f.e. :
    - tail-lights
    - parking-lights ( front )
    - mirrors

    restauration is still ongoing now .....

    I know, that only 1 RHD Mustang is 4-sale in UK ..... since years ( you can find this car at Ebay / UK, but the price ist too high : 7.500 engl. pounds = 12.800 $ ). I paind only ( very-very-very less than this ).

    here are some pictures of the brother-car of mine ( this, was is 4-sale now ) :


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    that is one different looking 82 mustang compared to ours

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonysilver82 View Post
    that is one different looking 82 mustang compared to ours
    True, some of those RHD parts must be hard to locate these days! Looks good, your love for the cars shows Gabe!
    Quote Originally Posted by Travis T View Post
    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
    1982-1C (Black) GT T-Top:
    1986-9L (Oxford White) SVO:
    1979 (85:Tangerine) Coupe (my son's):
    1979 (3F:Light Medium Blue) Coupe (one day to be my other son's!)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonysilver82 View Post
    that is one different looking 82 mustang compared to ours
    there are only 5 differences ( from outside ) to the standard LHD Mustangs of 1982 :
    1.) turn-singnal-light in the bumper combinated with the parking-light
    2.) mirrors ( not adjustable from inside )
    3.) taillights
    4.) licence-plate holder / backside
    5.) antenna

    that`s all ......

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    sweet!! thats awesome!!

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    some pictures of the first restaurations :

    1.) new "rust-free" 1979 doors ( remove the old ink and add primer )

    2.) also 1979 black door panels ( with Ghia emblem )

    3.) wooden steering wheel ( color fit exactly to the instument panel )

    4.) change the roof - panel ( textile from a 1987 - 1993 Mustang instead leatherette )

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    Don Hardy


    nice work!

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    I never saw one like that before, looks good,

    the interior wood accents are also different than what I'd seen

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