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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck W View Post
    The only real difference in between the NA and turbo 2.3L blocks is that the EFI turbo cars had forged pistons vs the cast in the NA ones. Cranks, rods, etc were the same. The rod bolts were the weak link in the bottom end.

    Are you planning on boosting the car? Not sure of where you're starting. Your post doesn't specify and I don't know the car.

    If you're not planning boost, the only thing you'll gain from the EFI turbo engine is a lower static compression, which isn't great for NA power.
    Hey Chuck. The car I'm starting with is my '83 T-top Coupe, featured on Post 18. Right now it has a spun bearing so I have to look at other engine options. We had a Fox Wrecking Yard here in New England called 'Menards,' however the owner has since passed. The last time we spoke, the owner mentioned that he had a 2.3 Turbo with only 45K orig miles out of a T-Bird that I could have with Turbo for $500, or without for only 400! I called back in the Spring, but the number was disconnected, and then I learned the rest. Anyway I hope to have this on the road sometime soon. Its been in storage 16 years
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