Make sure you READ and UNDERSTAND each and EVERY rule before making your nomination.
Nominations made that do not meet all criteria will not be valid. Nominations revised to rule standards will be accepted so long as corrections are made before the maximum of 5 valid nominations have been met, or before the fifth day of nominations being open (nominations will close regardless after 5 days). The first 5 valid nominations will go forward for voting. So long as THREE valid nominations are made by the end of the fifth day, the ROTM will happen.

A little common sense, consideration and forethought will go a long way in keeping this feature simple, fun and interesting.

There are so many different kinds of cars covered by this site that it would be appreciated if our polls reflected this. If someone's already nominated a red 85 GT, maybe hold off on your desire to nominate yet another red 85 GT for a while. Yes, they're great, and yes, there are a zillion of them, and yes, I'm someone who has one of the zillion, so I figured this was a nice, safe example. People aren't going to be able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm if they see what appears to be the same kinds of cars coming up month after month after month.

Cars don't have to be "show-quality" and they certainly don't need to be showroom stock. They just need to follow the tenets of the site.

We're going to want to do a write-up about the winning car, so it'd be nice if the owner would be able to be contacted for an interview of sorts by email or PM.

  1. Nominated cars must be owned by active members. Please don't dig up a car from a 3 year old post and nominate it only for us to find that the car has been sold and the owner no longer visits.
  2. Members can put their own car forward in the nomination thread. However, if each month is nothing but people nominating their own cars, this is likely to be changed. We really want this to be a way for the whole community to recognize the work of others.
  3. The following MUST be included in the nomination:

    • 3 to 4 pictures. No links to pics, no telling someone where to find pics, they must be in the post.
    • The owner's FEP username, the year of the car and trim level/model.

  4. Cars can't be nominated two months in a row. They can be nominated later on, like the month after or any other month where they were not included in the previous month's nominations.
  5. Only one nomination per site member. Made a nomination this month? Great, sit back and see what other members nominate. You can try again next month with a different car.
  6. Owners ARE allowed to adjust the pictures to be included in the poll. In the interest of timeliness, this must be done within 48 hours of the 5th and final nomination being made (or the 5th day of nominations being open). The owner may not post more than 4 pictures. If this is done, the first four the owner posts will be the ones to be voted on. Images cannot be changed after the allotted 48 hour time period.
  7. DO NOT get uptight about this. It's a feature for fun, there is no fame nor fortune to be found in it.

These rules may be revised at any time at the discretion of Site Staff.