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    Default Capri sat all of 2013! :( ~ 2014 off to a good start!

    I broke the rear at the end of 2012 so the car has been sitting since then...over a year. Hadn't had her out at all in 2013! It's the first time since I've had the car (nearly 20 years) that it's sat that long...the longest before was probably when it was getting painted which was only a month! I've been sick over it - but that's life right? Anyway, the new year started off good. Had her towed to my buddy Jeff's shop new years day and he fixed her up real good. New Ford Racing carrier and she's good to go. Finally got my tailpipes straight and of course inspection.

    Jeff recently picked up an 85 GT vert. that's insanely clean...I met him one day when he stopped at my ice cream shop with his wife for a treat. I had seen the car driving by for several weeks and then one day it's parked right in front...had to find the owner and chat it up. He's a member here but doesn't post much...hopefully he chimes in and posts a pic of his car...

    Anyway on to the pics...they are crappy but that's all I got - better than last year! lol

    The grumpy driver strapping her down...

    AND the carnage. Spider gears. The oil was metallic. No damage to the ring and pinion thank goodness.

    Out with the old - cleaned and ready for the new.

    New Ford Racing Trac-Lok with carbon disks ready to go in. New bearings throughout as well. Axles looked perfect.

    Burnouts are easy as pie and quiet now. The stupid yellow line isn't's a perfect posi shot I promise! lol

    And a sneak peak at the second stage components Dad Santa left for me!

    Happy New Year to everyone - Here's to a lot of safe fun miles!

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    Good job! When the spider gears went on my '82 it ended up sitting for 11 years! That ended last year thank goodness although I went with an 8.8, rear disks and 5 lug. With your McLaren I can see why you wouldn't alter it! Enjoy it! BTW I could still see the black mark in between the yellow lines!

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    Thanks! Actually I'd love to go 5-lug but finding wheels is the problem. It's had this look for so long I can't find something new I like in 17".

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    Congrats on getting the Capri back on the road.

    I know exactly how you feel. I bought a 91 GT down in TX the last time I was working down there and was going to use it as a fun DD. Went to change the oil on it and found it only had 2.5 quarts in it. Decided I better pull the engine and check everything first. Here we are going on 3 years and I still haven't had the time to get the engine back together and in the car! I am hoping 2014 is a good year to get this done finally!


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    Congats on getting the Capri back up. She looks awesome and leaves an awesome signature.

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    Great to see the car out and about Mike. It still looks awesome. Hope to see it in person one day. Might have to make an ice cream run. That won't be for awhile as we are getting hit with snow right now.

    Great story about meeting up with Jeff and his '85 GT Vert.

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    Good for you, Mike. Happy new year, bud!!
    Love that Capri!!

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    Glad you got the car out Mike , Enjoy !
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    Glad to hear that 26 is all better. Hope you take it to the BBQ this summer or Carlisle.
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