So I found some SVO switches on Craigslist with a hacked up harness for a decent price so I can re-purpose them in my Capri. I have 4 total - One works as it should, one does nothing and the other 2 power my stuff but the lights don't I had to tinker...

I know it's "just a switch" but it's awesome to see how this particular one

The base of the switch is made of 2 halves held together with clips and covered with a trim plate...

Here's my good switch - cleaned, re-labeled and ready to go:

You can see the trim plate folded over - top and bottom:

This shows the 2 bottom clips (there are 4 total - 2 top, 2 bottom):

The clips just pop off using a small screwdriver - hold on to them as they will fly off:

The 2 halves together with 1 clip in the frame:

Here is the actual "switch" itself - pretty cool...This would be in the "ON" position...the bar just "see-saws" the switch on and off making contact with the nub on the right...see next 2 pics for better reference...This switch is super tight and clicks REALLY nice! lol (Left to right - Ground, power out, power in)

Here is the switch in the the "OFF" position:


Here is the actual "rocker" part of the's got a spring loaded rod in the middle that helps give a nice "CLICK" on and off:

The switch that did nothing actually works...but the rod is broken not allowing it to function's loose and sloppy:

Here's a busted light:

And the sloppy switch mechanicals - I was able bend the tabs to keep the "see-saw" in place - along with a good rocker this switch works good now:

I'm hoping to be able to just soldier on new lights for the one's that don't work and I'll try to figure out a new rod for the one rocker in hopes of having 4 good switches. Pretty interesting I though...hopefully it's helpful for someone else. Enjoy!