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    Default Lynn St James Mercury Capri

    I believe this car raced in the Firehawk Series. Wish I'd have taken some interior & suspension shots.

    Pics captured from the Coronado Speed Festival 2013.

    -Mike Malone
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    I have some of my own pics of her racing at Road Atlanta, circa late 1980s (I'll try to dig them up and scan them). I'm pretty sure mine are of a later IMSA GT version, but it might be the same car... I can't remember.

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    The car and many similar ones like it (mid-priced, mid-sized 'family' cars...Buick Centurys, Chevrolet Novas and Camaros, Dodge Aspens and Miradas, Ford Fairmonts, Granadas, and Mustangs, plus more) all raced in a series called the KellyGirl American Challenge (see the AC and green Kelly Girl decals on the door).

    Guys like Gene Felton, Paul Gentilozzi, Herb Adams, Irv Hoerr and Craig Carter all raced here along with Mrs. St. James. Dave Mroz and Vern Smith were big Mustang racers in this series as well.

    The cars had either v-8s or v-6s depending on the years of the series.

    Think of it as a NASCAR road racing series for 2 door family cars.

    Shaun Coleman has a nice little website about the series with links to period photos and a lot of good info.

    I also have the IMSA yearbooks from 75-85/86 and rules books if anyone has any specific questions.


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    That there is sexy.

    If common sense was common wouldn't it just be sense?

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