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    Default Twister II came to my stable

    I had been Twisterless for less than 30 days after selling my Predator/Twister2 convertible. I have wanted to own a red hatch Twister2 since I got out of high school. I remember one red hatch T2 that was parked in a driveway of someone's house on Elm Street in Olathe. That's when I started wanting to have one someday. I have come across a few red T2s lately, some of which were too rusty or priced out of my budget. This car just happened popped up at the right time and right price, and is pretty a solid car so I bought it. Guy I bought it from had owned it since high school in '94 then he gave it to his son and he just graduated from high school. The father was heart broken over letting the car go, I told him that car is in good hands. What is even cooler is that, father's, father (grandpa) had bought a brand new white hatch T2 from Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita. That car was pace car at 81 speedway in Wichita and was sold to him right after with few pace car miles on it. He had it since it was new and sold it in '07.

    Here are the pictures of my red T2. It runs great and everything works even the A/C still blows cold air. It has some sun damage but is a very solid car. The car also came with a dash plaque which most T2s don't have. The plaque did not come from the car it was actually taken off of dealers desk. I guess that guy was lucky and got it. Now that I have the plaque I realized that the plaque is etched instead printed. I'm working on figuring out how find someone to make more copies of the plaques from the original I have for Twister owners only.
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    Nice! Glad to see you got another one to work your magic on!
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    There's some rock solid potential right there ---- and that plaque tops it off. I wonder how many of those plaques get lost. Nice ride.
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    I can't believe some high school kid was using that as his daily driver...I never thought I would be jealous of a 17 year old. Congrats on the new Twister, now I am jealous of you.

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    Nice score, Dan. I guessing it is not an AOD as only one of those were made with 2R paint and solid roof. Looking forward to seeing your work on this one.
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    Nice score Dan! Can't wait to see this one restored as nicely as the rest of them
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    Congrats on the T2 Dan. Looks like a nice car. If you can find someone to make the plaques please let me know.
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    Very nice Dan. I wouldn't mind having one of those. You needed a red car for the collection.
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    Awesome find! I wish mine had been that clean. Mine unfortunately is one of the rusty ones. When you get things together for making the plagues I want to know too. Mine had its plague snatched like so many and it's really not complete without it.
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    Nice find, Dan! Keep us posted on your progress. I always love your progression pictures.
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    Nice find Dan!

    Hard to tell from the pictures, but is the lettering on the plague depressed? I'm wondering if a laser jet place could make these....

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    Nice find Dan. Can hardly wait to see what it will look like a year from now...
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    Nice find!! those are awesome cars!!!! congrats

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    Thank you guys. I do need a red car in my collection. I had seen about 10 T2s in person, one out of those 10 had the dash plaque. I would guess about 9 of the 90 T2s have the plaque? I'm working on making some new ones and I will let you (Twister owners) know so your cars can look more complete with the plaque.

    My T2 is a five speed, full options, and sold from Salina (I think) I'm wait for all of the documents from the previous owner. He has it but misplaced at his parents house. Here are the pictures of Chris's GT302R with my T2 before the car headed to Texas.

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    Nice find.. are those just seat covers or have the seats been changed out

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    Congrats! Very cool, love these cars!
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    I would love to have one in that very same condition. Something just to tool around in.

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