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    Thumbs up Roy Hill and his factory backed 600 CID 1984 Mercury Capri Pro Stock

    I googled upon these and just wanted to share...

    In 1984 - Roy Hillís antics behind the wheel of a Pro Stocker gained the veteran from Sophia, N.C., accolades under both the IHRA and NHRA sanction. Heís a 12-time winner on the IHRA tour, a world championship team owner and a talented driver who once traversed the shutdown area at Gainesville Raceway at 180 miles per hour backwards, without putting a scratch on his factory backed Mercury Capri.

    If it was done in Pro Stock, Hill, voted No. 3 amongst all-time mountain motor drivers, pulled it off in spectacular form.

    Full story at - Competition Plus
    2012 - Brian Baker said that he is really looking forward to racing his Top Sportsman car at some NHRA events. "It's the 1984 Mercury Capri that Roy Hill used to race in Pro Stock. A fellow in Greensboro had it and I bought it a few years ago. We just had Randy Wilkins freshen up the engine and we had it painted up to look likes Roy's Pro Stock car. It's got a 600 cubic inch Roush-Yates Ford engine and it can go about 7.80 at around 180 miles per hour. I can't wait to run it against some of the NHRA Top Sportsman guys."

    Full story at

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    Mountain motor Pro Stock is/was a very cool class.

    I met Roy Hill in the mid '90s at Tulsa International Raceway while the IHRA was there for one of their national events. My dad and I were setting the roll out on the starting line. Roy came up and starting taking with us. The thing I remember most, was the way he talked. He sounded almost identical to Foghorn Leghorn.
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