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Thread: My Daddywagon

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    Now you just need a personalized plate saying "DDYWGN".

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    I am conteplating it. Haha!

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    I am gonna put a 351 in it next week maybe and see what happens. The headers have an exhaust leak and instead of fixing...

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    And, how does the saying go? There’s no replacement for replacement? Or something like that

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    The engine isn’t much to look at. Once the engine is in it will look the same, just a little taller. I just want the car to be a little more sorted before I really dig into it. Haha!

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    I wanna see pics. You have a lightning lower for that 351, right?

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI T-5 (Mustang LWB)
    '17 Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB
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    Yup. Lightning lower. I will document visually as usual. I take pics as I go and choose which to post up. A lot of pics don’t make it but I still have them for myself. I am gonna grab an engine gasket set and some valve seals to button up the 351.

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    Name:  4A6EE1D2-F232-4CF0-ACF8-697BA304FFD7.jpg
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    Current state of the 351! Haha!

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    Some of the necessary swap parts.
    In above pic: oil pan and pickup and dipstick, swap headers, flywheel with 28oz. balance, tfi 351 distributor with roller cam compatible steel gear, lightning lower intake, and swap accessory bracket for a/c and power steering.

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    I pulled the heads off of 351w and cleaned the piston tops.

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    Wow, that cleaned up really nice!

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    Yup! I was pretty surprised myself! Also the engine rotates really smoothly and easily. I know it’s supposed to, it’s just that I bought this motor years ago. It is an unproven commodity for me. You never know buying used stuff.

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    I washed the snow off of it today.

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