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Thread: My Daddywagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by droopie85gt View Post
    NICE!!! Sounds good!
    Thanks! I might get rid of the noise, but I am having fun with it right now. We’ll see. I have the option because I have stock cobra mufflers stashed in my basement. Haha!

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    I guess the guys at WeldingWeb will have to come to this thread to see any video of the Daddywagon. I seem to have lost access to my thread on there Haha!

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    I have been driving this swap for around 2 weeks now. I am already beating the crap out of it. I have no idea what the vitals are. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, coolant temp, etc are all a mystery! Haha! The only thing working is the tach and the engine light and the engine light isn’t tied to oil pressure at all! I have been trying to put together a follow up video but I am running into technical difficulties with my camera equipment. I have a question for the fuel injected crowd... What fuel pressure regulator? and what fuel pressure? I just have the stock Ford piece on there now, but cold start and cold idle could use some help. Once it’s warm and running I can idle all day long.

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