Yep, we're gonna give it a go again. Here's what you need to know:

  • Images sent must be 3375px 2625px at a minimum. These requirements are set by the printer. Images that do not meet the minimum size required will be discarded. Make sure your pictures meet the requirements before submitting them. You can't "blow up" a smaller picture to make it bigger. It doesn't work that way.
  • Images must be sharp and well-lit. Any problems with the clarity of the image will only be amplified by being printed out.
  • Send NO MORE THAN THREE PICTURES of your car. Please do NOT attach a dozen pictures of your car. Pick your best 3 shots and send them.
  • Please do not send pictures that include people with the cars. The ONLY possible exception is if it's an 'action' shot with the car being driven and the driver is somewhat visible through the window or windshield. That sort of thing is fine.
  • No more than 5 cars per picture. You must also have the permission of the owners of each and every car, and submit their names and car information with the images if you do not own all of the cars in the photo. More than a few cars and the image gets to be a bit too busy and the cars are too small to really appreciate.
  • Don't submit cars that are not yours. Pics of your buddy's car with yours is okay so long as you have permission and have disclosed that the image might wind up in a calendar for sale on this site, benefiting this site.
  • Don't submit images taken by professional photographers (unless, of course, YOU are the pro photographer). Photographers own the rights to images, first and foremost. You can only send in pictures that you or your friend has taken, or those that were taken by someone who clearly let you know that you could do whatever you wished with those images. Images that have appeared in magazines, or that have someone else's watermark/name on them CANNOT be used.
  • No compensation for pictures submitted.
  • Submission does not guarantee an appearance in the calendar.
  • The deadline is October 15th, 2013.

By submitting images for calendar consideration, you instantly agree to the following:
You give your permission for your car's image to be used in a calendar that will be sold by for its own profit. Profits from this calendar go in to the fund to pay for hosting, domain registration, software, etc. If you are submitting group pictures, all owners of the vehicles involved have given their permission for the above described use.

ALL submissions must be sent to . Do not post the pictures in this thread. This thread will NOT be used for judging submissions.

You MUST include your first and last name, your username and the names and usernames (if applicable) of owners of any other vehicles included in your submission. Model year of the car and trim level is also required. Information about modifications, the car's history, etc. can't be included in the limited space available on the calendar's pages.

You are on your own for technical help in taking pictures or understanding image resolution. There are plenty of folks on here who have great cameras and might be willing to help take pics of your cars. Some things to remember if you're going to try to take some shots:

Be mindful of your background and composition. Make sure the cars are not back lit. The car should take up the majority of the frame. Take a look at other types of calendars, magazines, various pro shoots of cars. That'll give you a good idea of what we're talking about. Here are some good tips:

This post may be edited for updates or corrections.

Thanks, and good luck!