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    Smile Who says dreams can't come true? Look what I went and did- 1986 SVO!

    Even though they are rare to see in Canada; even back in the day, the SVO had always intrigued me which meant I WANTED ONE! Ever since I had my first car ('81 coupe in '87) I knew of them and wished I could get one. After getting back into working on my '82 and regularly typing "mustang" into Ebay and Kijiji I happened upon what I always wanted! My preference was always the '86.

    I started a couple of threads enquiring about a couple of other cars before I found this one, so thanks to those that gave their input!

    This is an original Canadian car and now it comes back to within an hour and a half of it's home dealer. It has 150k KM on it and is in very complete original condition (what I wanted- I didn't want another full blown or even partial project). Original paint, very nice complete cloth interior. I guess a survivor to some. It has been parked since 2007. It needs a little TLC but that I can do. Previous to the guy I bought it from it was shown at some local Alberta car shows. It came with all of the original manuals, a copy of the dealer invoice, the warranty card, the Koni adjuster , even a bunch of SVO club stuff (Canada and US) with numerous copies of The Turbo Times etc.

    There are some small issues I will be asking all of you SVO experts about into the future. First stop? Inspection, insurance and registration!

    Here is a link to the door, buck and warranty card decode thread:

    Enjoy a couple of pictures, more to come!

    These are few and far between around here. It was a seven hour one-way trip to go and get this car! (After seven years parked, yes I took it through the self serve wash on the trailer before unloading it)

    I have the missing rear badges. Note the original dealer tag: Dunlop Ford in Lethbridge, AB.

    It's like Ying and Yang now:

    Expensive back in the day!

    I guess I had never thought of getting another car when I chose my Username
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    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
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    This is the best thread on the internet.
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