Mods, Maintenance & Mechanicals has been renamed General Tech. This will now be a catch-all forum for broad tech topics, those which are hard to categorize, etc. If your question doesn't seem to fit any specific category, please feel free to post it in General Tech. If the thread seems to go one way or the other to the Staff, it may be moved if necessary.

As we started with something like 17,000 threads to sift through (I think we're down to about 15,000 now), it is going to take a while to fill up these new forums. However, they ARE open for posting, so go ahead and make use of them.

This was done because MM&M had gotten so huge, and searching that forum for specific topics became rather difficult since everything was lumped in together. Restructuring our Tech section should make for more efficient searches and make it easier to find the help you're looking for.

Yes, there is a lot going on and a lot yet to come. As always, your patience and support is greatly appreciated.