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    Mike Croke

    Default Wiring diagrams 1979-1986 in PDF

    Please right click and Save As... with these. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader as they are in PDF format. The diagrams have been scanned from the originals which were on sheets approximately 12" x 24". Thus, when each sheet is initially opened, the quality may seem poor until the image is zoomed.

    1979 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1980 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1981 wiring diagram 1.3MB
    1982 wiring diagram 1.2MB
    1983 wiring diagram 1.1MB
    1984 wiring diagram 1.5MB
    1985 wiring diagram 1.9MB
    1986 wiring diagram 2.2MB

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    I will take it up to Office Max and see if they can print it (12 X 24).

    Randy Veach
    1986 ASC McLaren (red convertible)

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    If you are interested Office Max will print all it of (12 X 24), bind it together, and put poster board front and back for $56.00. This will be well worth not going back and forth (computer to car) to look for a problem area. Again THANKS.

    Randy Veach 1986 ASC McLaren (red convertible) #0058

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    Thank you so much for this.

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    Any diagrams of the Power Roof circuit?
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    Eight years later and these are still helping people (including me).

    Thanks Mike !!!

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    so thankful for this thread
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    I have an original copy of the 1986 Car Wiring Diagrams for Mustang/Capri part #365-198E-86 which includes an 11 page preface that describes every circuit #1 thru 993 (for instance - circuit 539 = Pressure Switch To Motor Relay... Pink - LT Blue Stripe). I can work on making a PDF for this 11 page description sheet and attach to this thread if this would be useful. I don't know if people need this additional description - but I don't see it on the above 1986 PDF. Let me know if this would be of help and ok Mike Croke.

    The pages are 12.5" x 25.75" in size.

    If anyone has a need for this 1986 wiring diagram, send me a PM.
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