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    Cool Funny, I just realized all 3 of my rides have one thing in common...

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    First... good to see the site is back up!

    And speaking of four eyed pride, I just realized this past weekend, all 3 of my cars have four eyes!

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    And one other thing is in common.....The same driver!!!!!!

    1985 Mustang GT w/ T-Tops, Original Paint, 160,XXX miles
    Mods: 600cfm Carb, Underdrive Pulleys, Subframe Connectors, 4pt G-Load Brace, MM Strut Tower brace, 8.8 rear w/ 3.55 gears & LCA's

    Pics from production of "The Saleen Book"

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    lol, which some find surprising. I've been working on the Granada's suspension. Mostly keeping everything fairly stock, just replacing bushings, tie rods, etc. I have to say I'm really very impressed with the handling this little car can pull off. Particularly with those 14" wheels and too-fat tires! I can already see why these early fox cars were so well received.

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    Old thread resurrection, cuz I have a CL & a 4 eyed Fox now too. Only two on my rides have 4 eyes though! Name:  image.jpeg
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