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    Default Rocker cover gaskets

    Hi, while on virus lockdown I thought it is a good time to really clean the fox.

    When I got to the engine bay and the lockdown was continuing things started getting out of hand it went beyond cleaning. Top end strip down took place and lots of parts renewed and changed just for the hell of it.

    I ordered some parts from Florida and they took 7 days to arrive here in Switzerland. I ordered some parts in Germany (2.8 V6) and they took 16 days to arrive which considering I live right next to the Swiss/German border didnt seem right! The borders are closed at the moment so I had to use the postal service.

    The gasket set I ordered in Germany (top-end 2.8 V6) included the 2 cork gaskets for the rocker covers and at first I thought they had put the wrong gaskets in the set. According to the label they are for: 1996 Hyundai coupe 1.6 but they are the same pattern as the V6 ones???

    Any ideas how a 1996 Hyundai ends up with the same cover gaskets as a 1979 Mustang? I would think the 1.6 motor is a straight 4 and that matches a Ford V6 which has 3 cylinders per side.
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    Methinks somebody mis-labeled the gaskets for the Hyundai application. I'd be completely shocked if they were the same. If it makes you feel any better there is probably some equally confused guy working on his Hyundai and wondering how 1979 Mustang gaskets are going to fit his car.
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