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Thread: Mexican SVOs???

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    Exclamation Mexican SVOs???

    There is a conversation on a fb group about the mexican SVOs. I never knew there were mexican versions?
    From what people are saying, none came with the 2.3, and they had 84 GT fron ends.
    Does anyone have pics of an actual one or more info?
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    Yes there was a 1984 Mexican Mustang SVO. Mechanically it was identical to an American Mustang GT, with the dual snorkel filter, the 4 barrel carb and the other changes that the engine received in the US.

    The exterior had the Mustang GTs front end with the fog lamps (only Mustang in Mexico that had them). The cars were offered with a bi-tone combination in red/black (mid lower section was black), silver/black and completely black.

    On the interiors the cars had the American SVO dash panels (the slate grey ones), and the seats were two tone with black on the sides and silver on the mid section.

    Cars were offered in both the hardtop (notchback in the US) and fastback (bubbleback). According to some data only 500 cars were built, of which 300 were fastbacks and the rest notchbacks.

    They are extremely rare to find, and many people claim their cars are SVOs when they are not. An even rarer SVO was a special edition that was released at the end of 1984 (last year the Mustang was sold in Mexico for a decade) that had the American SVO front end. These are extremely rare. I have only seen once and doubt of its originality.

    Here´s a link to one of the rare ones with the American SVO front end, but the rest has a Capri bubbleback body.

    Here´s the "normal" one. I don´t know if this one is a real SVO but at least the exterior looks like one...

    Here´s a hardtop

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