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    Default My Collection of GMP 1:18 Fox Body Mustangs

    Well it's been almost 2 years since I worked for GMP developing diecast cars and related collectibles. I kinda miss the work but I've got 10 years in the diecast business and I think I'm done with that end of my professional career. Designing toys for Crayola now and having fun doing something other than car related believe it or not.
    Anyways after 2 long years we finally sold our house in GA (Back in PA now) and I brought my 1:18 diecast collection home with me in the car - not in the moving van. This is about 90% of my fox body stuff and a couple other misc Streetfighter models etc. that I developed for GMP. I have a few more in boxes that wouldn't fit but I thought I'd share my extensive collection of well over 50 fox body 1:18 diecast models. I believe 47 of them are visible in this pic. 15 of them are 4-eye cars including two 4-eye SSPs, two Trans Am series 4-Eyes, a couple SVOs, and three '85 GT Twisters. 1 model is a pre-production prototype of my 85 Notchback that I actually owned in dark blue metallic and regatta blue interior all in stock trim...1 of 2 ever produced, nope I won't sell it. Two are also 4-Eye 85 Notch Drag Cars. None are removed from the boxes, the ones parked around the boxes do not have boxes so I thought I'd display them since I had room. All the boxes have cars in them.

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    Awesome Collection!

    Love all of them! I just started collecting some of the GMP cars myself. I always liked them, but never seemed to be able to afford them when I wanted to buy.

    I just picked up a couple of the Trans Am Mustangs. I have the Motorcraft and the 7-11 car. The 7-11 is the prototype as raced dirty version that never made production.

    What is the Trans Am Mustang next to the Motorcraft in your picture. The colors make me think its a 7-11 car, but the graphics look different?


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    That's awesome !!! I always did want that Road Runner.
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    The #11 car next to the Motorcraft car is a St.James/Gloy Race car. It has the Secret Deodorant graphics on it. I know I was told the story on this one but can't remember.
    Thanks. Yeah the Roadrunners are also a cool four-eye! I don't have as many as I sold them off for really good money. I have 2 Hammer RRs, and two Streetfighter X RRs. One of each will be going up for auction.
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    Did they ever make a 1:18 scale F Bomb camaro?
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    very nice collection.
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    Sweet collection
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    Great collection man! I have the 93R myself and it is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey John,

    There's a lot of cool stuff there. Did you work on all of those projects? What states were the 4eye SSP cars (California)?

    Maybe I'll pick-up the feature vert and repaint to match my DD, now with 227K miles

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    Sorry to hear that GMP is no more... I was just starting up my collection of GMPs, this spring. I got some foxes, wanted to get all of them, but in the past month or two, I've noticed the prices are heading way northward to a point where I had to stop my fox GMP collection.

    Good luck with your new career field... changes are sometimes scary, but more times than not, fun.
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    Are the motorcraft IMSA cars still available? That thing is pretty cool.

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    Wow, thats an incredible collection. Love them all.
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    Very Nice I too have been trying to put my hands on a Motorcraft car. Looks alot like what I have Just the wrong color

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    Jeremy86coupe - The 93 Cobra R is a GREAT model. Check out the degas system with all the correct plumbing. There's ridiculous details on that one in particular. Love that model.
    Rich - I have one extra I will give you. I don't have the box but it's in nice shape and I have a boot and top for it too. We need to get together. I brought my plastic models back home with me too. We finally sold our house in GA so I have all my stuff up here with me. I'd have to check on the SSPs...there were a few of them. I think 8-9 in total were produced?
    Aside from some of the older fox tooling on some of the top ones like the cop cars and others with the larger wider boxes I worked on probably all but about 6-7 of those cars shown there. I couple of them up there have the Vortech blowers on em with holley Systemax intakes and other mod parts. The plumbing and detail on those blowers are awesome. I worked closely with Vortech and MM&FF magazine to get the details really nice on those.
    It is a shame that GMP is no more. I know the tooling is long gone too since GMP and the factory that has(had) the tooling parted ways on a bad note. The fox Mustang tooling is long gone.
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    Awesome collection. I love my GMP '85 Mustang GT diecast.

    Good luck at Crayola!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyGMachine View Post
    It is a shame that GMP is no more. I know the tooling is long gone too since GMP and the factory that has(had) the tooling parted ways on a bad note. The fox Mustang tooling is long gone.
    THAT makes me sad, I have the blue/silver aero GT but hoped to pick up a Cobra and an SSP at some point.
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    I'm LOVING that MALCO Fastback! Anymore info on that one?

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    Very nice collection, love the 85s and the yellow feature car

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    VERY NICE!!!!
    I wish I had just one of those. Never could afford them.

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    Nice collection! I loved the GMP cars from the moment I saw the dark gray and silver 2 tone Aero GT. That's the color combo of my GT. I've yet to pick one up yet though. With prices climbing, sounds like I need to asap.

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    If it is time to sell your collection. Let me know. I am a 1:18 collector and appreciate your collection.

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    Great collection! Wish I had started getting the foxes before the prices went up. I have some, but I keep looking. They are hard to find.

    If anyone is interested, I expanded my search and found a 1985 Black GT for $160 Cdn. advertised on "KIJIJI" in Ontario.

    He still had it 2 days ago...Here is the link:

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