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    Very sharp car.

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    Your car looks incredible, congratulations! I think that's probably the nicest Mexico Mustang on the planet. Do you see Mustangs every once in awhile down there, or are they super rare? I guess I'm wondering... if I wanted to try and find one how hard would it be? I don't live far from the Mexico border, but I've only been down there once. If I was to go searching for one do you think I would have success or do you never see them anymore?

    Great job with everything. I've followed this thread and you really came a long way. Now it's time to just enjoy all the time, effort, and pesos you invested in her. Well done!

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    Thanks a lot, Iīm actually very thankful I found this site because I have found great tips, how toīs and a very friendly community of Fox lovers who like to help out.

    As for finding cars, we only had the Fox from 79 to 84 because our stupid government back then decided V8 engines were too pollutant and prohibited the sale of cars with V8 engines. The Mustang had always been a V8 only model in Mexico since 1965 when it was launched and Ford decided to discontinue it and sell V6 T-Birds and Cougars instead.

    We have the blessing of not having snow in this country so rust problems are less than in the US. My car only had a little bit of rust in a couple spots that were easily fixed. My floor pans were in top shape.

    Finding a 79 to 84 Mexican car is fairly easy, as it was one of the most popular cars back then. Most are cars that need restoration but you can find good cars that are in top shape with a little bit of patience. I used to be part of the Mustang Club Mexico about 15 years ago when I had my first 84 Mustang and my brother had a 66 hardtop, those guys are a good source for good cars.

    Mexican Mustangs have some differences compared to the American cars, that Iīd think would make them good collector cars in the US. Our 82 mustangs are very interesting mix of Capri and Mustang parts, we have a "capri" notchback with a Mustang body (no flared fenders) capri tail lamps and capri front end, which in my opinion is a very good looking "elegant" car.

    If you are interested I can send you links to popular "craigslist" type sites with cars for sale

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    I just now came across some of your recent updates. That is a really sweet Mustang. I really like the interior details. If I ever have room for more than one Mustang, I'd definitely like to get a Mexican Mustang, maybe one with the Capri nose.
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    Nice car congrats all the hard work has paid off.


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    Wow, great job. I just read this whole thread. Those Borbets look muy bueno on there - I really like them, and I'm not a big aftermarket wheel-guy... That rear axle stuck out as unrecognizable to me, too. Also love the woodgrain and badging in the interior.

    Are your new moldings along the top of the door skin metal or plastic? If they're metal, you might be able to strip the black paint, and polish them out to match the rest of the car. I'm torn between the chrome window moldings, and blacked out window moldings on that car.
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    Beautiful car, your hard work paid off for sure.

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    Car is looking GREAT!

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    nice build.
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    Yes! Just read your whole build. Beautiful car
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    Any news on this build?
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    Here are some recent pics from last monthīs first show for this car...

    This car is almost finished in terms of restoration, Iīm basically going to change a rear bumper cover thatīs in bad shape and install the new body side moldings to correct my old ones, now that the repro ones are on sale.
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