ok ok, not really hacking but thats what I felt like..... hope some of you can use this.. I Got an email from rock auto inviting me to browse the selection of wholesale closeout parts for my 1997 cadillac deville


Well thats all good and well but what if I want to view closeout parts for my 79 fairmont for instance? or my 1970 monte?

I figured out how....

Look carefully at the url above. right near the middle it says carcode=

If only I could find out the car code to some of the other cars I have....

Go to rock auto home page, click view catalog, and browse all the way to your car year, make and model and engine. Notice a small icon that says RSS next to the engine size. click that AS IF YOU were wanting to subscribe for updates for that particular model. the pop up window that results will have a url with your car code in it. replace the link above with the desired car code, and voila!! a list of wholesale closeout parts for the car you are working on.

for instance, a 70 monte carlo with 350 is car code 1055584

try it!