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    Default Tips for Finding Four Eyed Parts - NOS

    Since I'm just about done locating all my parts, I thought other members can benefit from some of the tips I have learned with regards to locating items on eBay, Craigslist, and other sites.

    Feel free to share this with others by placing your finds in the FYI Parts forum. And when possible, please be kind and considerate once you do find something by not stockpiling items others may need.

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    Default Locating Parts on eBay - U.S.

    Locating Parts on eBay

    To find parts on eBay, use the "Save Search" feature and use the format similar to this below:

    (79,1979,80,1980,81,1981,82,1982,83,1983,84,1984,8 5,1985,86,1986) (mustang, capri, svo) (nos, mint,nib)

    The perenthetic format forces the eBay search to use "inclusion" criteria but requires everything in adjacent parentheses to exist in the title or other relevant fields.

    You can also use the following to do a deep dive into specific Mustang/Capri parts:


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    Default Locating Parts on eBay - Canada and International

    Locating Parts on eBay - Canada and International

    Sometimes parts can be found overseas. Many people don't realize eBay has a global site that works extremely well in locating parts all around the world. It also returns parts from eBay the U.S. site sometimes has troubles finding. The link is below:

    If you want to set a more European-centric search in motion, change your country to "United Kingdom" and eBay will focus on results for that region. Use the same criteria above. To locate fog lamps and other goodies, here are some of the links to the other sites you'll find interest in:

    United Kingdom (Great for Metric Tires)


    France (great for Marchals)



    New Zealand

    If you need translations, simply use the GOOGLE Translator located here:

    It does a fair job and you can paste in entire links to translate eBay announcements.

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    Default Locating NOS Parts on Craigslist

    Locating NOS Parts on Craigslist

    Finding parts on Craigslist can be a real chore. Fortunately GOOGLE does a fair job locating NOS parts using the "SITE:" criteria flag in the search bar. You'll need to filter out a lot of the noise when it comes to NOS parts because the word "NOS" is used a lot for Nitrous, which is quite annoying.

    Simply save this in your favorites and run this in the Google search bar: nos mustang -nitrous -bottle -spacer -wet -dry -miles -race -cage -purge -stroker -64 -65 -66 -67 -68 -69 -70 -1966 -1967 -1968 -1969 -1965 -"with nos" -hp -shot -"nos kit"

    You'll want to keep on top of this list and check once a day. Once the search is complete, expand the Show Search Tools option in Google on the lefthand side. Then pick "Past 24 Hours".

    You'll still need to weed through some unrelated searches but you will find many parts this way.

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    Default Locating Part Numbers

    Locating Part Numbers

    There are 2 ways to really find part numbers effectively:

    1. Buy a digital copy of the FLM Master Parts Catalog for 1970-1979, or 1980-1989. You can find these for $24 on eBay and come in PDF format on 1 CD
    2. Use the Russian Parts Locator and Translate. Click here for the Link:

    I cannot stress how important it is to have part numbers handy. If you're doing any sort of concours restoration you'll need these. If you can locate actual catalogs on eBay, they are worth every penny so it's a good idea to keep an eye on these as well.

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    Default Locating Parts When Part Numbers are Identified

    Locating NOS Parts When Part Numbers are Identified

    There are quite a few useful sites to locate NOS parts. Here is my list of sites I use regularly. Make sure to remove all dashes and spaces from part numbers in searches once you have them handy.

    Green Sales Company - Largest NOS dealer in the U.S.

    Parts Voice - Network of dealerships who post parts. Late model parts also available

    Once Upon a Part - Excellent source of late 70's parts.

    Tasca Ford - Lowest Cost Dealer in the country

    Fox Mustang Restoration - Excellent NOS Seller and FEP Sponsor

    Dallas Mustang - Great Supply of replacement/NOS Parts

    John's Mustang - Limited NOS Parts

    California Mustang Parts and Accessories - Limited NOS Parts

    Henry's Parts Depot - Tons and Tons of NOS parts

    I will update this section regularly.

    Finding USED Parts from Nationwide Salvage Yards

    I use the online locator for just about everything used. The link is below:

    Note that some parts might be adjacent in years so you may have to run a search on an earlier year as they are not categorized properly sometimes.

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    That just about wraps the list up. If you have any questions or help finding parts for 79-86 Mustangs, Capri's, and other four eyed gems, feel free to PM me. I'm always looking for parts.

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