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    Default How bad to install EFI Turbo into 79-81 Cobra

    How bad is it to install a later EFI turbo motor and trans into a early fox Cobra? has any body taken this project on?


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    I am doing a efi 5.0 into mine right now. If your gas tank is in good shape, then the worst part is the wiring. You would need a new fuel pump and larger fuel lines. You should put in a fuel inertia cut off switch which you would have to wire up. You have to splice in the engine/ecu harness to the engine compartment harness. The harness that comes into the interior on the passenger side from the engine compartment on my 2.3T car was almost totally removed. I reused some of those wires to splice over from the ecu harness to the inertia switch and neutral switch that I installed.

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    I put an 84 svo 2.3 turbo motor in mine unused everything from the 84 svo (motor tranny rear end fuel tank and lines) but I didn't use the computer and I cut up the wiring harness and wired in my own megasquirt and that runs my car. I honestly installed the wiring harness and sealed the intake parts in such in 12 hrs. Basically went carbed to Efi in 12 hrs and driving in about 2hrs after that to tune the megasquirt. Have any questions let me know.

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    what mega are you running, planning on some sort of mix here... lets see if you get what im planning
    I have a ms1 v3.0 laying around
    got the efi manifold will be using gm 85 flex fuel injectors
    t04e turbo
    255 walbro external
    but im using the ford electronic distributor... probably will be wiring up for gm 7 pin hei to run timming and locking the distributor

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