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    Quote Originally Posted by notansvo View Post
    When ever I told someone I have a 1984 Mustang GT with a 2.3 turbo, almost everyone (that knows a bit about cars) said "oh, you have an SVO?" So, now I just say I have a 1984 Mustang with a 2.3 turbo.....its "not an SVO".

    That username might not get me very far on the SVO sites.
    Jeff -

    I guess I've been lucky in that regard. Most usually ask me if my car is a 5.0 when they see the GT markings. When I say that it is a Turbo GT, they automatically make the connection to the 2.3L engine.

    I imagine that if I went to AutoZone or something, they'd be making the assumption that it's an SVO. I confess that I never knew about the Turbo GT until I looked at one when I was searching for a car to restore.

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    Thanks to all those involved in making this happen. I know there was considerable effort made both in scanning and hosting. I for one am extremely grateful, as a newbie, for the info.

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    i need a copy please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan B View Post
    i need a copy please
    Here it is!!! You have to click on the link.
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    Got it
    thank you

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    Dear Diary,

    But seriously, i just bought an '84 turbo GT, this is ****ing unbelievable man, thank you so much.
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    Got my copy!

    (EDIT) notansvo & fox chassis that is a terrific manual. I downloaded it to use with my 88TC figuring that the basics would be the same, now that the 84 SVO will soon be in my driveway I will be using it much more....again thank you both mucho mucho!

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    I never seem to get the nut that holds the steering wheel fixed

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    This is exactly what I needed to fill in the gap of information where my car is concerned.

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