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    Default Marti Reports & Eminger Invoices

    A "Marti Report" is a detailed VIN report for your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle, produced by Marti Auto Works, an official licensee to Ford Motor Company's production database. You can order a Marti Report for your F/L/M vehicle here:

    Marti Auto Works -- Marti Report

    Here is a collection of Marti Reports that have been posted by FEP members:


    4-barrel-Mike's Fairmont 2-dr sedan


    79mustangcobra's Mustang Cobra

    foxylady's Mustang Ghia coupe

    foxylady's Mustang Ghia hatchback

    gr79's Mustang Cobra

    Hissing Cobra's Mustang Cobra

    Mustang Marty's Mustang

    mustangmania's Mustang Pace Car

    riffenfool's Capri RS

    roush235's Mustang

    spetsnaz247's Mustang Cobra

    strokerstang86's Mustang Cobra

    tman1257's Mustang Cobra

    Tuxstang's Mustang Pace Car

    TwisterSpecial's Mustang Pace Car


    02pnygt's Mustang Cobra

    80 Capri's Capri RS

    mattquerio's Capri Turbo RS

    snkchmr's Mustang Cobra


    02pnygt's Mustang Cobra

    02Z06's Mustang Cobra

    2112COBRA's Mustang Cobra

    cobrajet429's Mustang cobra

    Hada86GT's Mustang Cobra

    mustangmania's Mustang Ghia

    terrymwalsh's Capri 9D Black Magic


    California Highway Patrol SSP hatchback

    85GT302's Mustang GT

    Boomer82gt's Mustang GT

    eznotch's Mustang GLX T-roof coupe

    Lubner's Mustang GT

    saleenjunky's Mustang GL

    vintageracer's Mustang GL coupe


    2manycars' Mustang GT

    82gt_mi's Mustang GT

    83rsturbo's Capri Turbo RS

    airplanedriver's Mustang L T-Roof coupe

    Blainer's Mustang GLX T-Roof coupe

    Bryan Knebworth's Mustang GT

    Bryan Knebworth's Mustang L T-roof coupe

    Capri86Dave's Mustang GLX convertible

    ChrisPerry's Mustang GT

    ElaborateDream's Mustang GT

    ElaborateDream's Mustang Turbo GT

    Foxchassis' Mustang GT

    Johnate0's Mustang GT convertible

    MidwestMustangs' Mustang GLX convertible

    musicman8287's Mustang GT

    sbcstang's 'special order' Mustang GL 5.0L coupe

    steven18222's Mustang GLX

    steven18222's Mustang GT


    4eyes' 5C 1E special tu-tone L coupe

    4eyes' 9C Mustang GT

    84GT Ragtop's Mustang GT convertible

    86-TC/SVO's Mustang Turbo GT

    ccurtin's Capri Turbo RS

    ddawson's Mustang G.T.350 convertible

    eznotch's Mustang LX T-Roof coupe

    foxylady's Mustang LX T-Roof coupe

    Mustang Kid's Mustang GT convertible

    notasvo's Mustang Turbo GT

    rkuhn's Mustang Turbo GT

    Sentry's Mustang SVO


    83GT302's Mustang GT convertible

    86bandit's Mustang GT

    airplanedriver's Mustang GT

    bkoons85gt's Mustang GT

    bobvicki's Mustang LX 5.0L convertible

    escogt's Mustang GT

    faslane's Mustang Saleen #63

    jeff85's Mustang GT convertible "Test Vehicle"

    meeandmine's 1985 LTD Police Package

    Mumfts85gt Mustang GT

    Mustang Marty's ascMcLaren convertible Capri

    P51-Sled's Mustang GT

    Predator5S-0149's Mustang GT

    roadkill's Marquis LTS


    1158's Mustang GT

    allgosvo's Capri 5.0L

    comprepsvo's Mustang SVO Comp Prep

    dtmilsap's Capri 5.0L (RS)

    dlgourn's Florida Highway Patrol SSP

    DougTx's Mustang GT convertible

    escogt's single-wing Mustang SVO

    Evil87GN's Mustang GT

    fedzilla's Capri 5.0L

    gbranton's Mustang GT

    hizzaah's Mustang GT

    johnjohn's Cobra GT convertible

    Ken P's Mustang SVO

    Law&Order:SVO's Mustang SVO

    noac's Mustang GT convertible

    pet86gtconv's Mustang GT convertible

    Plavidal's Mustang LX coupe

    Southertwang's Mustang LX convertible

    TopGear86's Mustang GT

    wfriedman's Mustang GT convertible
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    An "Eminger Invoice" is the original billing invoice between Ford Motor Company and the original selling dealer. Ford was going to destroy the invoices but the late Lois Eminger, a Ford employee at the time, received permission to save and keep them. Marti Auto acquired the invoices after Lois passed. You can order an Eminger Invoice for your F/L/M vehicle here:

    Marti Auto Works -- Eminger Invoice

    Here is a collection of Eminger Invoices that have been posted by FEP members:


    79mustangcobra's Mustang Cobra

    gr79's Mustang Cobra

    Mustang Marty's Mustang (PDF)

    roush235's Mustang

    spetsnaz247's Mustang Cobra


    02pnygt's Mustang Cobra


    75coug's Capri Black Magic

    75coug's Capri RS

    85GT302's Mustang GT

    vintageracer's Mustang GL coupe "Police Demo"


    84GT Ragtop's Mustang GT convertible

    ragtopjr's Mustang Turbo GT convertible #1 (PDF)

    ragtopjr's Mustang Turbo GT convertible #2 (PDF)


    75coug's Capri 5.0L

    Mustang Marty's ascMcLaren convertible (PDF)


    86-TC/SVO's Mustang SVO

    escogt's single-wing Mustang SVO
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