Drag racing 2013!

  1. mustangs4me
    Well its almost here! What is everyone doing this year and whats your new setups? Plus I have nothing to do at work and Im bored and I wanted to see if we could get this going again and use this social group some more as I really like it... Scott
  2. mmb617
    I ran all of last season with my stock 351, and it got a little boring running high 13's when I was used to going faster. The reason I used that motor was because I had no consistency the year before with the 408 as I couldn't get it hooked up. The plan did work as I had 3 wins in 2012 after being skunked in 2011, but I missed the thrill of running faster passes.

    This year the 408 is back and the hook issue has been addressed (I hope) by going way bigger on the rear tires. Far right is my street tires, middle is the track tires I was running and far left is the new 28x10.5 ET drags I'm going to run this year.

    If that doesn't cure my "lack of hookie" I don't know what will.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that my T5 can handle the increased traction though.

    Weather permitting the first test and tune is next Saturday, with racing starting the week after that.

    So what's your plans for this year?
  3. brianj
    Just got into it last year, and only got to the track twice. Best time-

    Traction limited- generic street tires, no quad shocks or slapper bars on the rear, with wiped out bushings on the stock control arms.Short shifted, since I was afraid of blowing up a newly put together motor. Have to see where it goes this year- cannot get worse.Once I get some consistency, I think I may look into bracket racing- sounds like fun. Of course, I need to do something about that reaction time for that!
  4. mustangs4me
    I hope I get my custom pushrods figured out (frickin hate doing valvetrain geometry!!!) After that finish the drivetrain and get some stickes... I think your tires will help alot but that T5 might not be real happy. LOL! Come get one of my Toploaders!
  5. mustangs4me
    Oh btw, in off season I bought a complete twin turbo setup for the 302 so Im thinking run this year and have some fun and next year try and ruin all that fun with trying to figure out a new setup...
  6. mustangs4me
    brianj, glad your trying it out and having fun with it. That is what it is all about! Fun...
  7. brianj
    Once that t-5 blows, it will probably be a toploader- I want to keep a stick, since it is way more fun to drive on the street, and this is still mostly a street car. I have a C-4 and a smallblock C-6, but I just can't do it.
  8. mmb617
    I've been lusting after an A5 for years. This could be what forces me to take the plunge.

    mustangs4me - twin turbo? That sounds like an adventure!

    brianj - Once you start bracket racing your world will never be the same. Your wallet will be empty, your car will be broke half the time, and yet you'll have a big smile on your face.
  9. mustangs4me
    I agree with you mmb, bracket racing is just too darn much fun!
  10. mmb617
    Our first T&T of the year was supposed to be today but this never ending winter killed that. Hopefully next Saturday will be better. Can't wait to get the first pass of the year in!
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