What is your non-V8 engine/transmission combo??

  1. ethangsmith
    Mine is the 2.3L and C3 automatic. I got rid of the 1 barrel carburetor and computer system and converted it to a 2 barrel carb (off a 77 Pinto) and Duraspark ignition. Much better power and drivability. I plan on replacing the C3 automatic with a T5 in the future.
  2. Jax Rhapsody
    Jax Rhapsody
    Ofcourse i have a 2.3 and a C3 that seems to have no aftermarket. I want a T56 for it. After building what is essemtually a ministock motor tamed with gears.
  3. ethangsmith
    When you get the 4 barrel intake on there, make sure you take pictures! I want to see it all together!
  4. 80Notch
    i have a 2.3 with a cam and lifters from

    a header from a ford ranger an offenhauser intake manifold and a holley 2 barrel carb with the stock 4 speed tranny...just like jax its a ministock motor im planning on getting it bored out 30 over
  5. SMcD
    I have a 3.8 and a C-5
  6. Madd4Mercs
    My '73 Capri has a 2.6 V6 (rare) w/ a 4 speed manual transmission.
    My '77 Capri II ghia has a 2.8 V6 w/ 4 speed transmission.
  7. Jax Rhapsody
    Jax Rhapsody
    I found out to really make hp I'd need a tall block 2.3. I still plan on making a hirev R/R beast. One day I'll get a tallblock and bore/stroke to a 2800cc
  8. billkandi
    2.3 EFI Turbo w/BW T-5
  9. LXER
    My 86 coupe has a 2.3 turbo with an A4LD auto behind it turnning a 7.5
    with 2.73 gears
  10. Crazyeye79
    My 79 coupe has a 2.3 with a 4-speed manual transmission
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