1. TWiCS

    This is a fantastic forum!!!!!! Greatest people I have found on the carweb!

    I have an 85 Capri. I factory ordered it in January of 1985. Drove it for three years then parked it.

    Too much to write here. Please look at my thread for the full story.

  2. hopeto
    Hi Guys. Here's my 84 GT Convertible. Special ordered it new, drove it for a couple of weeks to make sure there was nothing wrong that would require warranty work and then stored it inside my auto parts store for the next 14 years. Since then it spends it time in my garage and trailered to a show every now and then. It has around 1850 miles. I have ever piece of original documentation - window sticker, sales contract, paper delivery license plate, convertible top instructions, etc. I still have the original date coded battery that I drained the acid out of after it died and put it in just for shows. It has a nice article in this months (February 2011) Mustang Monthly. Thanks
  3. notansvo
    I bought my '84 GT Turbo off the showroom floor of Schmerler Ford (the "Singing Ford Dealer") in Elk Grove Village, IL. I had worked there in 1979 as a car hiker and my dad was working there as a mechanic and told me I should come and take a look at a Mustang they had. Well, in a heartbeat I owned my first Mustang that I still have.

    I have just about every document that I have ever come across relating to this car - window sticker (and dups), bill of sale, service ROs, etc.... My dad told me early on that this was going to be a rare car - good thing I listened
  4. Ray Dog
    Ray Dog
    Here's my 86 LX convertible. Bought Aug 28,1986 as a 10th wedding anniversary present for my first wife.
    Unfortunately she only enjoyed it for 8 years before she past away.
    Here I'm surprising her with it.

  5. greyGT85
    Hey everyone, apparently I'm a little late in joining the group, but I'm an original owner of '85 Mustange GT with 5.0L and 5 speed. my first new car out of college. was my fair weather driver for 5 years. then ocassionaly for next 5, then sitting since 1995. been garage stored entire life. working on getting it running so I can take it to car shows before end of summer.
    still had factory original tires until April this year.
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