1. fredzilla
    Looking for more Original Owners
    Well, here is my orginal 79 Capri RS. 302, 4 speed, cruise, white leather seats, radio delete, 92K milage

  3. KCoker
    I bought a 84 SVO new in Florence Alabama, it was built in November and I bought it in June. It sat on the lot for a long time. I still have it with over 100K miles. Intesting note, I bought a 79 white turbo RS that looked exactly like the one pictured below except it had blue interior. I really miss it. I would buy it back if I coud find it.
  4. kj_80Cobra
    I bought my '80 Cobra in June of 1980 with a build date of 05/80. I drove it daily for about 7 years and parked it in a barn with about 95,000 miles on it. 19 years later I pulled it out the barn and towed it to my house to begin the resto/mod rebuild.

  5. captnet
    I purchased my Capri new in 1985 from a local Mercury/Lincoln dealer. The car was my "daily drive" car for about 22 years (though the car wasn't driven very much for over a decade). End of 2007 I decided to have the car taken apart and restored virtually to new condition. Has less then 1k miles since the restore and the engine block about 70k (the engine block was replaced many years back with a Ford stock 302 bored 40 over). Now mostly stock except the Windsor Jr heads, Edelbrock intake, Crane roller rockers, valve covers, white fog covers, Steeda alignment plates, and 84 hood and scoop. The car originally came 'GS' emblem badged however the buck tag says 'CRS'.

    Picture posted above. More pictures in my photo album. And this link for resto pics:
  6. fredzilla
    I bought my Capri from a local dealership in my home town.That dealership has since changed names more time then i've changed tires on the car. Sticker price then was a little over $12K.

    Here is a old photo of me with my Capri two weeks after I bought it. Less mileage and more hair..(Circa 1986)
  7. vpocius
    Bought our 86' Mustang GT 9/30/1986, original DOS (Date of service) fresh off the delivery trailer. It was a daily driver for 22 years, until March 08'. I've recently began restoration, paint nearly complete. I hope to restore as close to concourse as possible. See my pics above and online car show link to my photobucket album for more detailed pics.
  8. Boss is back!
    Boss is back!
    I can still remember seeing for the first time the all new 82GT at my local Ford dealer.
    She was my daily driver for the next ten years until I blew the rear main seal. She slept quietly in my garage for the next 15 years. Then last year I decided to have her completely
    restored with a few mods. roller engine, bigger carb, duel exhaust
    and more modern tires and rims. I think I paid about $13,900 for
    a new fully loaded GT including T-top.

  9. 1faststang
    My 1985 Mustang GT, bought back in 1986 from Sayville Ford. Stil own today and i will never get rid of it.

  10. Ken P
    Ken P
    Got my first 85.5 2R on 8/8/85 which was built on 7/31/85. It's sitting out in the driveway.
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