Speedometer / Gauge help

  1. tikinut
    I am looking for help for my speedometer. SHort story first after 20 years rotting in the sun gauge needles were bleached out. My friend and I were fixing the ignition lock on the column and after bumping the gauge, the speedo needle fell off. Sigh. Fast forward 6 months, after installing newer gauges from an 83 and melting them (finding out albeit to late that 79 is a 2 piece only circuit board) I have a usable cluster housing and the correct circuit board (ribbon). My dilemma is this, I would like to use the original speedo due to it indicating the "actual miles" of 38,227 as indicated on the title. However the original is the one with the busted needle. Does anyone know how to change the needles or does anyone know how to calibrate an older odometer to match what I currently have? Is there a shop in or near Arizona that could do it on a budget for me?Any help is appreciated. I need the cluster back in so I can check to see if the new fuel sending unit is functioning correctly.
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