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September 4, 1984: The Inspiration for FourEyedPride is Born

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29 years ago today, an unassuming 85 Mustang GT was birthed at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Shipped off to central Illinois, it led a life similar to most 5.0L Mustangs: driven hard, accumulating some battle scars, odd attempts at upgrades and showing some serious wear after a dozen years of use and abuse.

I was recovering from a car crash when I heard about this car being for sale. I'd lost my temp job at a warehouse as my little 87 Escort GL had been totaled. Shortly before the wreck, I had been considering a Fox. I'd casually shopped around for either an SVO or a carbed 5-liter. The pickings were slim and most of the cars incredibly rough. Upon hearing about this car, I had a feeling I'd be the owner of a Fox Mustang pretty soon. Less than two weeks later, I was driving this car 50 miles to its new home on a rainy night with illegally dark window tint. I didn't know how to drive a stick and I had no real experience driving a rear wheel drive vehicle. Despite the hilly terrain and intersections on inclines, I didn't kill it once. Behold the hand of automotive fate.

Motivated by the car purchase, I quickly found another job. My social life changed, opening up a new segment of the car hobby to me (I grew up with a 68 Mustang and a 68 Corvette). I had something of my own to cruise around in, take to shows (though a show car it never has been), track events, and naturally, something to work on whenever it needed repair.

The Internet was really catching on back in those days, and like everyone else, I started a little freebie personal site with pictures of my car. It seemed strange and a bit unfair that the majority of the attention on Foxes/5.0s went to the 87 and newer cars, so I started collecting and uploading images of similar Early Foxes. It was a time of disinformation and disrespect. I made use of a freebie message board service, and wound up being found by a large number of similarly-minded enthusiasts. This is a story for another time, but that is how this website was, as I say, "accidentally founded."

After doing some searching, it seems many of my pictures have been relocated and are not easily found. Due to less-than-ideal circumstances in recent years, I have not been able to give much attention to my GT, but that will be remedied soon. With that will come more recent and better quality images. Until then, here's my car, the one to blame, improved from when I found it, but still showing some of the wear that was present when I brought it home all those years ago.

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  1. brianj's Avatar
    Looks pretty good, actually. What are those rims?
  2. evlgt85's Avatar
    Sorry, didn't notice this. Thanks! They are Stern Face IIs. Available through Saleen for a few years and used on the Saleen SA10. Hard to find, but worth it.
  3. 82GTforME's Avatar
    Good story and a nice car. I really like the forward facing hood scoops!
  4. 79mustangcobra's Avatar
    Nice story and thank you for making this website!!