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Figured someone has to start! I have really not done a good job of documenting my car build, but I figure I can put what pictures I have in one spot- what the heck!
The day I picked her up!

The interior is in extremely good shape- one of the things that sold me on it. It is also an almost zero option car. Less to break and fix, less weight.

Motor was launched. This gouge was about 1/16 deep. No saving this.

The cure! Amazing how ugly an explorer motor is.

The after shot!

Had to add some goodies to it. Re-seal,cam TFI spring kit, Edelbrock intake.

Out with the old. Help from my son.

Control arm bushings, ball joints. Boy that sucks to do.

New 8.8. Goodby 7.5! Making really bad noises towards the end.

Gotta have these for it--

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  1. 82GTforME's Avatar
    That motor looks yummy! Nice interior too; I see you have door speakers as well!
  2. brianj's Avatar
    Yeah, the prior owner cut them in. I have put new ones in the doors since. They were all ready cut, so why not.
  3. Hissing Cobra's Avatar
    This is my first time seeing a "blog" on this site. Good to know that we can do this and it's good to see that you're using it! Your car is coming along nicely Brian, keep on adding pic's as you progress!