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So when I post this

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Where all will it show up?
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  1. brianj's Avatar
    I do not see anything unless I click on the blog tab. I just changed so I am subscribed to it on my controll panel- will see what happens.
  2. brianj's Avatar
    Got a notice on my e-mail. Will have to see if it changes to board notification.
  3. evlgt85's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm trying to kick around the stock set-up with the blog interface and I'm sort of irked at how awkward and non-intuitive it seems to be. I really want the default Blogs landing page to be more configurable, as well as the side bar. If we try to use Blog Categories, it's so far down in the side bar, it's just weird. I haven't seen a quick way to check the category types, but there are SO many settings in the admin control panel, I may be missing something. However, some searching has shown that the Blogs interface is not nearly as flexible as the CMS and the Forum.
  4. brianj's Avatar
    Yeeh, nothing. Did not notify my e-mail this time, but also did not notify me on my control panel either.
  5. evlgt85's Avatar
    I'm not sure what options you'll see versus what I see, but take a look at Blog Settings, which should show up under the big Blogs tab towards the upper left corner. There may be something in there that will control your notifications to blogs you're subscribed to.