Digging In

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Well I finally got some free time to play around with the car a bit, holidays are nuts around my house. I pulled the intake and valve covers to get them ready for powder coating. While pulling the covers off my suspicions were confirmed that the engine has roller rockers. They were a little noisy and the valve covers were the taller Motorsport covers. It appears that it has the Crane cobra rockers. Some of them appear to possibly need some shim work, so I will focus attention in that area while it's apart.

As with all projects I found some more areas to focus on while pulling things apart. One of the thermostat housing bolts broke off in the intake, making things interesting. The fan showed some stress cracks so I pitched it and the radiator as it was starting to fall apart. So some new hoses and such should get the cooling system back up to spec.

On a side note the new 8 pin connector from FMR for the main body harness to the engine bay harness came in the mail, it looks like a nice piece, but it should be for 55 bucks! I hope to get it this spliced in while waiting on powder coating.

Hope everybody has a good weekend while I am at work! :)
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