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  1. My new toy! '71 Torino GT

    Very nice car. Love the 70-71 renos.

    [QUOTE=FM2NOTCH;1683564]good score, a 71 Torino GT with the heart of a 71 Torino Cobra and laser stripes to boot, a friend had a dark green /black interior 71 Cobra with the 351c 4V. I always liked the look of the 70-71's[/QUOTE]
  2. Looking for pics of chrome 93 Cobra wheels

    From what I remember on mine it's brushed aluminum, like the 10 holes but just plain.

    [QUOTE=foxbody guy;1653327]Got any pics of your Chrome 93 Cobra wheels?

    If so, is the center cap chrome?

  3. Why's the board down on Thursday?

    I've posted briefly about this, but perhaps if mentions of it are here and there, folks might run across the information and be prepared for the next go 'round.

    If you've been around a while, you likely noticed that the site has undergone some serious changes this year. We've had a rough ride with a less-than-ideal switch of hosts and some damaged databases. I took the opportunity to get started on some upgrades and do my best to learn a large number of things to make me a better ...
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  4. September 4, 1984: The Inspiration for FourEyedPride is Born

    29 years ago today, an unassuming 85 Mustang GT was birthed at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Shipped off to central Illinois, it led a life similar to most 5.0L Mustangs: driven hard, accumulating some battle scars, odd attempts at upgrades and showing some serious wear after a dozen years of use and abuse.

    I was recovering from a car crash when I heard about this car being for sale. I'd lost my temp job at a warehouse as my little 87 Escort GL had been totaled. Shortly before ...
  5. Car blog 2

    Well, found out you can only have ten pictures in any post. Need to split it up, I guess.

    Home made head liner- not bad for $10 worth of craft store vinyl.

    My solution to the GT40P plug wire problems. It is actually a cut to fit wire set for a Chevy- all 90 degree boots. Fit great. Even the ones that did not NEED the 90 degree boots still fit and look better, ...

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