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IMG 6984 The little diff has the "OG24" date code My Mustang has an odd ball non LSD 2.73:1 Sterling 6 3/4 or 6 7/8" diff Anyone know anything about this Fox body stop gap diff made from 1979 to about 1982? It was used before the 7.5 and 8.8 inch diffs became standard Mustang and Ranger fittings. All non SVO 2300 Lima engines and most Mustang 3.3 sixes had it, but most Fox body Zephyrs/Cougars/Granadas/T-birds/Capris with 3.3's had 7.5" diffs. Info I have is that all 1982 onwards Rangers with 2000 cc Lima and 72 and 74 axle code had it too. It may be the same as the 2300/2800 Mustang II or Pinto/Bobcat diff, but they were generally listed as 6.75" and had different ratios.

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