My non-four-eyed cars

The four non-four-eyes I own.
  1. repainted wheels2
  2. 2005 Cadillac CTS-V rounding Oak Tree turn @ VIR.
  3. 2005 Cadillac CTS-V in turn 4 @ VIR.
  4. '97 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT. Still a N/A EJ25, maybe 185hp or so. Suspension is all swapped out - coilovers, sway bars, control arms, lateral links,...
  5. My '89 Mustang GT years ago at an auto-x, before lots of body work was done.
  6. The '89 Mustang as it sits today - Maier Racing 1.5" flared fenders and quarters, Lexus "smoky granite mica" paint.
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